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Mimicry's ARTEMIS™ Technology Officially Patent Pending

Aug 23, 2023

Mimicry Solutions in partnership with Cooley LLP has filed a provisional patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), giving it's proprietary technology platform "patent pending" designation.


Millions of animals are used every year in research yet are largely untranslatable to humans because of differences in biological systems, heavily siloed data, and noise saturated studies. As a result, new drugs deemed safe for human administration may not actually be as safe as testing indicates, putting human lives at risk and undermining the animal lives sacrificed. There are no alternatives for using animals in nonclinical toxicology studies, which means every pharmaceutical and biotech company trying to bring new drugs to patients must resort to deficient animal testing. This deficient animal testing causes long drug development timelines of 10-15 years, with over half of new drugs failing due to safety.


ARTEMIS™ is the first alternative to animal testing in the toxicology space, generating toxicological readouts that outperform animals at the industry level. With the long development timelines and high fail rates, a modern solution to better drug safety assessments is long overdue. Mimicry is answering that call with ARTEMIS™ to finally provide more clinically translatable safety assessments than animals in a fraction of the time. ARTEMIS™ will enable more drugs to reach the clinic and stay there while better ensuring healthy volunteer and patient safety.

About Mimicry Solutions

Mimicry Solutions is disrupting the pharmaceutical industry with ARTEMIS™, a proprietary toxicology platform that is the first ever alternative to animal testing for drug safety assessments at the industry level. ARTEMIS™ will generate novel toxicological readouts that outperform animals, providing better safety assessments of new drugs, faster drug development timelines, and a reduced ethical burden in animal research. Learn more at

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