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Dr. Cindy Buckmaster Joins Advisory Board

Jun 12, 2023

Mimicry Solutions would like to welcome Dr. Cindy Buckmaster to our Advisory Board! Dr. Buckmaster brings a wealth of knowledge and connections in the lab animal welfare space, and will be an invaluable contributor to Mimicry's mission of building high quality alternatives to animal testing.

About Dr. Cindy Buckmaster

Dr. Buckmaster has a PhD in Neurobiology and Behavior. She has worked in research and laboratory animal science for over 25 years. She was formerly the Director of the Center for Comparative Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine and is currently a Strategic Advisor for Transnetyx and COO of the Environmental Monitoring Division of Turner Scientific. Cindy’s involvement in the lab animal community spans a wide range of educational, advocacy, and public outreach organizations, as well, and she is frequently interviewed by the media for her knowledge of basic research with animals and laboratory animal care. In addition to her roles with Transnetyx and Turner Scientific, she is currently the Director for Public Outreach with the National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA), the Past-Chair and Spokesperson of Americans for Medical Progress, the past President of the American Association for Lab Animal Science (AALAS), and the President of the Texas Society for Biomedical Research.

About Mimicry Solutions

Mimicry Solutions is disrupting the pharmaceutical industry with ARTEMIS™, a proprietary toxicology platform that is the first ever alternative to animal testing for drug safety assessments at the industry level. ARTEMIS™ will generate novel toxicological readouts that outperform animals, providing better safety assessments of new drugs, faster drug development timelines, and a reduced ethical burden in animal research. Learn more at

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